Railway Construction

  1. Complex works in construction, repair and stabilisation of railway bed
  2. Comprehensive projects in the field of construction, renovation, modernization, design, supervision and inspection of railway sidings:
    • Technical inspections of railway infrastructure
    • Designing railway sidings and accompanying facilities
    • Construction and renovation of sidings and associated facilities
    • Works on tracks with normal, wide and narrow gauges of all types
    • Single and double, common and cross railroad turnouts
    • Railroad crossings made of reinforced concrete slabs
    • Tracks on benches and reinforced concrete foundations
    • Track bed for stackers, craneways and construction cranes
  3. Preservation and year-round maintenance of railway sidings
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Road Engineering

  1. Construction and renovation of roads, squares and communication routes
  2. Roads, pavements and parking lots made of concrete paving stones of any color, shape and pattern
  3. Communication routes made of stone cubes
  4. Concrete roads and yards, landfills
  5. Railway ramps with a combination of rail and road works
  6. Roads and squares made of MON, IOMB, triline
  7. Vertical and horizontal traffic signs
  8. Road infrastructure of the type:
    • Przepusty
    • Rowy odwadniające
    • Drenaże i kanalizacja deszczowa
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Industrial facilities

  1. Industrial objects:
  • Yards and industrial roads
  • Railroad and road ramps
  • Buildings made of sandwich slabs with polystyrene or polyurethane filling
  • Prefabricated and monolithic railway crossings
  • Roadbed of stackers and craneways
  1. Fences:
  • Steel span and mesh fences
  • Decorative steel fences with forged elements
  • Concrete fences
  1. Water supply and sewage works
  • Construction of pipes and channels of any diameters from PVC pipes, concrete .......Wipro, stoneware
  • Jacks under railway tracks
  • Drainage of roads, railway tracks, parking lots, squares, buildings
  • Traditional and chambered drain pits
  • Street inlets and drainage channels
  • Water pipes construction made of PVC, PE, steel pipes


  1. Steel construction
  • Steel structures of halls, warehouses
  • Light structures made of profiled sheets or sandwich slabs
  • Sandwich slabs with polystyrene or polyurethane filling
  • Industrial warehouse facilities


  1. Anti-corrosion protection of steel structures, using the techniques of:
  • Blast cleaning with sand or synthetic, amphoric materials
  • Hydrodynamic painting with epoxy and polyurethane paints
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Public area facilities

  • Yards, roads, passageways, parkings
  • Playgrounds, recreation facilities
  • Fountains
  • Public green areas
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Reinforced concrete construction

  1. Foundation and reinforced concrete works
  2. Reinforced concrete structures of industrial construction
  3. Concrete manholes, chambers, tanks
  4. Monolithic railway crossings
  5. Accompanying infrastructure
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